Some Review of QCD Exotics

Meson Exotics:

Production of Meson Exotics (Fine picture)
Ligth Meson Map. V.L. Korotkikh, L.I. Sarycheva
Preprint INP MSU,1994, 32p.

Search QCD exotics (Translation from English), 2000, rus
Ligth Meson Spectroscopy. S.Godfrey, J. Napolitano
hep-ph/9811410, 1998, 111p.
Ligth Meson Map (fig.1, large scale, ps-file)
Light Mesons and QCD Exotics. Part I. Quantum numbers. (V.L.Korotkikh. L.I.Sarycheva. Preprint INP MSU, 2001-12/652, 19p, rus)
A.Dzierba, K.Meier, E.Svenson. Search QCD exotics, 2000. (V.L.Korotkikh's translation, rus)
Korotkikh V.L. Exotic Meson Production in Hadron Interactions
( Report on SINP MSU Academic board, 15 Nov 2003, p.11), rus
V.L.Korotkikh and L.I.Sarycheva. Exotic mesons production in Pi- p interactions at 18 GeV/c in E852 experiment
Preprint SINP MSU 2003-10/723, rus
Glueballs, Hybrids, Multiquarks. Experimental facts versus QCD inspired concepts. Eberhard Klempt, Alexander Zaitsev .
Aug 2007. 266pp. Published in Phys.Rept.454:1-202,2007. e-Print: arXiv:0708.4016 [hep-ph]
Other QCD Exotics:
D.Perkins. Top-quark discovery, 2001. (N.Nikitin's translation, rus)
G. Freiser. Time to search Higgs, 2002, (N.Nikitin's translation, rus)